Posted by Drew Rudman on Feb 3, 2016

BurgerTime Pick-Up

Scanning the San Diego Craigslist ads was not providing too many opportunities for picking up additional systems. I expanded the search to include the Palm Springs area (where we are looking for a new “Escape” vacation rental to replace the one we sold in Tahoe) as well as the Orange County and Inland Empire areas. I hit pay dirt when this Bally Midway BurgerTime system came up in the city of Orange. The seller was asking $550, which was a hell of a lot less than the $1,500 trade value a guy in San Diego had placed on his BurgerTime in an ad I had seen in San Diego a few weeks prior (granted that system was collector quality, which cannot be said of the one in Orange). Exidy’s price list put the game’s value at between $400 and $900 dollars, so it seemed to be reasonable. That, coupled with my youngest son’s request that the next game added to the game room(s) should be BurgerTime sealed the deal and we both jumped in the Denali and made our way north for about an hour.

John, the seller, was a super nice guy and a collector himself, although the games in his game room would never enter my top 100 list. The BurgerTime system worked well enough and the cabinet was as described in the ad (for the most part). The biggest issue noted was the water damage the cabinet had suffered. Both sides of the cabinet were starting to de-laminate a bit at the bottom and the particleboard base had expanded and was crumbling from sitting in water. Still, the rest of the system seemed in pretty good shape and game play seemed perfectly fine (or so I thought — more on that in a minute).

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