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BurgerTime Cabinet Repair

Well, it’s been over 3 years since I picked up my BurgerTime system and I am finally getting around to working on it. When I initially got it, I was excited to restore it and launched into a heavy cleaning of the unit. Aside from the need for a general cleanup, the biggest issue I was aware of was the...
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Donkey Kong Button Replacement

Donkey Kong Button Replacement The player 2 push button on my Donkey Kong system has always been a bit sketchy. Aside from the very obvious cigarette burns on the bezel of the button (both buttons, actually), the push button mechanism really just never worked quite right. Finally, the metal clip that holds the plunger part of button to...
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Centipede Monitor Sync

Centipede Monitor Sync This issue has plagued my Atari Centipede system previously. Whenever you turn the system on, the screen will be scrambled like the following: The demo game play is visible but scrambled. You can “resync” the monitor with a quick on-off-on flick of the power switch: The left side of the screen...
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