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Pole Position II Troubleshooting

Pole Position II Troubleshooting The beast is back at it! Yes, Pole Position II, by far the most cumbersome and bulky of the game systems I own, and also one of the most “frankensteined” internally, is back on the operating table after a guest at Santa Barbara Escape let me know that it was not working. She sent me a picture of...
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Pac-man Marquee Light Replacement

Pac-man Marquee Light Replacement Spring break for the kids always finds us on the road somewhere. This year, it was off to our place in Santa Barbara for a couple of days mid week to celebrate Blake’s sweet 16th birthday. After the visit to the requisite favorite eateries and the beach, work had to be done on the house, which...
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Defender Persistent Memory Troubleshooting and Repair

Defender Persistent Memory Troubleshooting and Repair So, after determining that the power-up issue with the Defender system at Palm Springs Midmod was a minor issue with the back panel service power cut-off switch, restoring power revealed that the persistent memory of the unit was not working properly. This is almost invariably an issue with the battery that...
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Defender Power On Troubleshooting

And Defender makes three! That’s right, 3 out of 4 game systems at our Palm Springs Midmod property were DOI (dead on inspection)! I knew about Frogger after a guest had lamented that the game system, one of her favorites, worked for only a day during their stay, but having both Defender and Tempest...
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Tempest Power Up Troubleshooting

Tempest Power Up Troubleshooting So, as part of a maintenance visit to our Palm Springs Midmod vacation rental property, I was prepared to troubleshoot the Frogger system that was reportedly no longer working. After determining that the Frogger system would need a new switching power supply, I decided I should make sure the other systems...
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