Posted by Drew Rudman on Apr 14, 2019

Pole Position II Troubleshooting

The beast is back at it! Yes, Pole Position II, by far the most cumbersome and bulky of the game systems I own, and also one of the most “frankensteined” internally, is back on the operating table after a guest at Santa Barbara Escape let me know that it was not working. She sent me a picture of the screen and it looked something like this:

Screen lockup on Pole Position II

I had hoped against hope that the problem would be something simple related to the power supply unit, but I couldn’t remember if Pole Position II had been retrofitted with a switcher for the game board. I needed to pickup a new power supply for the recently croaked and troubleshot Frogger system at the Palm Springs Midmod property, so I ordered a second one just in case I got lucky and determined the issue was related to the power supply.

The good news was that the Pole Position II system was retrofitted with a switching power supply, but the somewhat bad news was that the voltages pretty much checked out. While the +12V was running a bit high at 14V, adjusting the voltage pot on the switcher didn’t change what was occurring with the system. As I feared, something was up with the game board and would need more in-depth troubleshooting. I will post to the KLOV/VAPS discussion group to see if anyone might have some ideas on troubleshooting a Pole Position system with a screen lockup like I am seeing.

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