Posted by Drew Rudman on Apr 4, 2019

Frogger Power Up Troubleshooting

So, word came down a few weeks ago that my latest acquisition, Frogger, worked for the first day of someone’s vacation at Palm Springs Midmod, but then stopped working. Apparently, they were pretty bummed, but I warn people that these machines are almost 40 years old so, you know, no guarantees your favorite game will be operational.

I finally made my way down to take care of a few items at the property and sure enough, Frogger had croaked! The monitor actually powered on, but the marquee light didn’t and there was absolutely no game play. I busted out my trusty Fluke multi-meter to do some voltage testing and sure enough voltage was getting to the switching power supply powering the game board, but the +5V, -5V, and +12V off the switcher were reading absolutely no voltage. Time to order a new power supply. Not sure what to make of the marquee, but one thing at a time (or maybe they will be related, we’ll see).

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