BurgerTime Pick-Up

BurgerTime Pick-Up Scanning the San Diego Craigslist ads was not providing too many opportunities for picking up additional systems. I expanded the search to include the Palm Springs area (where we are looking for a new “Escape” vacation rental to replace the one we sold in Tahoe) as well as the Orange County and Inland Empire areas. I hit pay dirt when this Bally Midway BurgerTime...
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Zaxxon Upright Purchase

Zaxxon Upright Purchase Purchased my first new system in about ten years: Sega Zaxxon. I had been monitoring Craigslist here in the San Diego area for about two months and had seen quite a few games on my want list come up, but all were significantly over my price range. $2,000 & $2,500 for a Star Wars, both of which appeared to have sold. $850 for a Frogger, which has been relisted at least a half...
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Tempest Monitor Issue

Tempest’s monitor no longer displays an image. This occurred at one point, but opening the unit and making sure all connectors were properly seated appeared to solve it. That is no longer the case.
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Joust Power Issue

Joust had been experiencing intermitten re-boot issues while playing the game. This was most likely due to a faltering power supply. Finally, the system gave out and no longer boots into game play at all. Marquee and coin slots light up, but no monitor or game play. Dropped off at Area Amusements in San Marcos for a troubleshooting session.
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Space Invaders Multigame Issue

The multigame kit added to Space Invaders no longer boots into the game selection menu but instead goes directly into the “Lunar Rescue” game. This is most likely a kit setup issue, but needs to be investigated.
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Space Invaders Reset

Space Invaders Reset Space Invaders is currently experiencing random reset/restart issues. The multi-game mod installation works fine and you are able to select the game you want to play. It begins playing fine, but will occasionally pause and appear to restart. The screen image will also roll from left to right. I have also seen odd game play occur. For example, the row of invaders will advance for...
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